Termites are usually not seen as they tunnel underground, working 24/7 to find food…which is most often the wood your home is constructed of. Without termite protection, the damage they cause can be severe. In most cases, termite damage is not covered by home insurance policies. With up to 13 termite colonies per acre in the Southern U.S., termites are a real threat, more so than most natural disasters like fires, floods, and tornadoes. Swarmers usually appear during the spring, often after a rain shower. These termites are dark in color, ranging up to 1/2 inch in size, and are sometimes mistaken for flying ants.


Liquid treatments are the tried and true method of termite control. However, with recent advances in the field of chemical technology, today's products offer immediate control with as much as 10 years of ongoing protection. Additionally, unlike older chemicals, our products are designed to transfer throughout the termite's colony relying on the natural social behavior of the termite. As a part of your treatment only premium grade termiticides will be applied to the soil adjacent to your foundation around the exterior of your home. If voids exist as part of your structure's foundation or to reach soil under slabs, masonry drilling to access these areas for treatment may be recommended.

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